ICAEW Academia & Education Community Advisory Group meetings

The Academia & Education Community was set up by ICAEW in order to provide support and guidance to finance professionals in the academia and education world, with the help of the Advisory Group, chaired by Hilary Lindsay.

The Advisory Group provides insights to ICAEW about the needs of the Community members and, from that, identifies the services that would be relevant to the Community membership, as well as giving technical insight to ICAEW.

The group meets three times per year. The last meeting was held in May 2018 and the various topics which were discussed involved:

1) The addition of a newsletter to members of the ICAEW Academia & Education Community.

As part of our ways to bring the best to the Community membership, ICAEW are looking at introducing a newsletter which will be exclusive for the ICAEW Academia & Education Community. These will aim to provide specialist updates regarding recent key topics and publications coming from the academic and education worlds.

2) A diagram to support members of the Academia & Education Community with the stages of their career.

ICAEW is working closely with the Advisory Group in order to fine tune a diagram which will explain different personas at different stages of their career within the academic world. Some have moved over from business and some from practice but ICAEW would love to be able to enhance the career prospects of the Community membership. The diagram aims to give real life accounts of people who have “been there and don’t it”!

3) Courses in conjunction with CABA.

ICAEW are working with CABA in order to realign some of their courses so they are able to appeal more to academics and people working in professional education institutions. Hilary Lindsay has held a meeting with CABA in order to set the ball rolling

4) The Chair gave an overview of a presentation which she had recently performed at the BAFA SIG Conference.

Hilary’s presentation was a pecha kucha presentation on the learning model she has developed. Hilary explained that she used the model when she was at the Open University and used this model for those studying for a doctorate. The Open University now uses this model for developing peoples learning.

Hilary agreed that she would be able to redesign this model for the benefit of the Community membership, along with the help of ICAEW.

5) Digitalisation of the ICAEW rare books collection

ICAEW has a vast collection of historic accounting literature which is held at Chartered Accountants’ Hall and you can see a full list of the titles held through our online catalogue of rare books.