Welcome to ICAEW’s Academia & Education Community

I am delighted to introduce this new online platform for members and non-members with an interest in academia to connect and share insight around accountancy education, lifelong learning and research. As the first ever academic to take on the role of ICAEW President, this is a topic particularly close to my heart and I look forward to seeing this community flourish and develop over time.

The accountancy profession faces many challenges, not least when it comes to technology. In such a changing environment, learning becomes increasingly important. We need to keep our knowledge and skills up-to-date and ensure that we are able to adapt to our changing circumstances. But what more do we need to do and just what does lifelong learning mean in practice today?

That was the topic I explored in my doctoral thesis. I came to a deceptively simple solution: lifelong learning is about being proactive, about making the most of opportunities that present themselves. That is why I chose adaptability as one of two themes that I am promoting during my year as President. In this fast changing world, the concept applies as much to ICAEW as it does to our members.

My second theme is inclusivity. This forum is part of the work we do to create connected communities for our members around the world and ensure that all members feel included in ICAEW’s activities. The community will promote closer relations and collaboration between members and professionals in academia and facilitate discussions around how teaching methods and materials ought to adapt to ensure that students are equipped with the skills they need to succeed as future professionals.

I would love to hear about how you, as a member of this community, would like to use this platform and what topics you would like to discuss. Please feel free to leave a comment below or ask the community a question yourself here in our open forum.

  • Hi All,

    I'm excited to see that we now have a space to share experiences and build a community in education and academia.

    Personally I'm interested in sharing ideas on facilitating a smooth transition from 'employability' in the university context to habits for 'lifelong learning'. Often it seems that these skills are treated as a bolt on to the technical skills which are formally assessed.

    I also hope the community will enable researchers to link up with others to create exciting research projects.

  • Hello

    This is a great initiative.

    I am interested in researching ways that we can support accountancy students to enable them to develop the skills that will allow them to continue to be independent learners throughout their careers, to be able to replace out dated knowledge with up to date information that they can apply to current situations, to become ‘life-long learners’.

    I will read future contributions with interest.

  • How fantastic to have a forum to share ideas and good practice in accounting education.

    As a university educator from a professional background I am keen to incorporate the skills required to 'be an accountant' (e.g. critical thinking skills; curiosity and determination; growth mindset) into the curriculum as well as the necessary technical skills.

  • The more we can do to build academic and practioner links the better, so this is very welcome.

  • Thanks Hilary for setting up this community, an excellent idea.  

  • Great to see the community up and running. I'm not a member in academia but have an interest in education, our qualification and employability in general.

    I was intrigued by yesterday's interview with Mary Curnock Cook, the soon to be ex-Head of Ucas. The headline that "students should not worry about finding a job while studying for their degree" was certainly striking.  www.bbc.co.uk/.../education-39704603

    However one of the points she made was consistent with Hilary's theme of lifelong learning, in that students should be reassured that it may take a few years and several jobs to find their niche - i.e. that moving between roles was certainly not a 'bad' thing. All of the interesting fellow Chartered Accountants I know (is there indeed any other sort?!) have had quite a meandering career journey which I think is a strength.

    Having said that, I'd still encourage students to use the time and resources they have at college to find out about what they may or may not want to do afterwards.

    Looking forward to seeing where this community takes us!

  • Hi All.

    As an academic I welcome this initiative by the ICAEW.

    I have produced a research article on accounting education in Cyprus. I am aiming for it to be published. I am looking for someone with experience in publications who may help it to be published in a reputable research journal. I would be happy for this person to be included as co-authors on this article.

    If anyone is interested please contact me.

    Best wishes


  • It's great to have the feedback so far. I'm looking forward to meeting more potential members at the BAFA Accounting Education Conference in Cardiff later this week.

  • Also pleased to see the community launched and the encouraging comments so far.  As a member of staff I see the many ways that we engage with the academic community. It's great to have this forum available to help us widen, deepen and improve this engagement.

  • Hi all,

    I'm very delighted with this initiative to connect with fellow academics around the world and share technical and philosophical ideas with one another. Thanks Lindsay for this and it was great catching up with you the past couple of times in Singapore.

    I'm exploring ideas in the insurance field and if anyone would like to discuss, please do post a discussion topic or feel free to contact me. I'm also interested as in some of you are from your posts in this form, to advance the interest of accountancy students and the accounting academic world. Looking forward to further discussions!

  • Hi everyone,

    I have just stumbled across this initiative which I think is a great idea to allow us to collaborate and share ideas. As someone who moved late on from industry to academia I see how quickly our industry is changing and think it is vital that practice, industry and education stays in close contact to maintain academic relevance and also for academia to be best placed to challenge practice and industry. I will certainly be encouraging those outside education to also join. Look forward to sharing.