Welcome to ICAEW’s Academia & Education Community

I am delighted to introduce this new online platform for members and non-members with an interest in academia to connect and share insight around accountancy education, lifelong learning and research. As the first ever academic to take on the role of ICAEW President, this is a topic particularly close to my heart and I look forward to seeing this community flourish and develop over time.

The accountancy profession faces many challenges, not least when it comes to technology. In such a changing environment, learning becomes increasingly important. We need to keep our knowledge and skills up-to-date and ensure that we are able to adapt to our changing circumstances. But what more do we need to do and just what does lifelong learning mean in practice today?

That was the topic I explored in my doctoral thesis. I came to a deceptively simple solution: lifelong learning is about being proactive, about making the most of opportunities that present themselves. That is why I chose adaptability as one of two themes that I am promoting during my year as President. In this fast changing world, the concept applies as much to ICAEW as it does to our members.

My second theme is inclusivity. This forum is part of the work we do to create connected communities for our members around the world and ensure that all members feel included in ICAEW’s activities. The community will promote closer relations and collaboration between members and professionals in academia and facilitate discussions around how teaching methods and materials ought to adapt to ensure that students are equipped with the skills they need to succeed as future professionals.

I would love to hear about how you, as a member of this community, would like to use this platform and what topics you would like to discuss. Please feel free to leave a comment below or ask the community a question yourself here in our open forum.

  • Hi Hilary hope you are well.
    I have only now found my way to this community.
    My search is for an "academia" who will be able to upgrade the different presentations I have prepared (12) that form an on-line course, to an academic format that can be distributed to those taking the course
    My life mission is to fix financial services by training, forming, equipping and assisting Finance and Accounting Professionals with an on-line course, the tools and strategies to practice as Protectors of end clients and families in creating, protecting, growing their financial security.
    After taking the course the Chartered Accountant will join a community that promotes knowledge, best practice, independence  and professionalism amongst its members I n the provision of services to private clients.

    Members and students will benefit as it will give them an alternative area to specialise in.
    Private clients and families looking for independent, trusted advisors will benefit.
    The community formed will go a long way to fix many of the shortcomings of what financial services have become.
    Humanity will benefit.

    I hope to find that associate among this community and will appreciate any leads members may want to share.
    Have a great week-end.

    Kind regards

    Ayoob Rawat.          ch.linkedin.com/.../3b6

  • This looks to be an excellent initiative.  I look forward to seeing the developments as both an academic and practicing accountant.

  • Dear Hilary

    This is music to my ears. After 15 years research I have Apps which teach finance to non financial experts. Three years ago I had dinner with Chi Onwurah, the Shadow Innovation Minister, in the Palace of Westminster and boasted that children of 12 could talk intelligently about finance rather than regurgitate notes to pass exams at the age of 16 or 18. I returned to Wrexham and in a local secondary school a group of mixed ability year 9s, 13 / 14 year olds using the original game using Lego bricks understood direct costs, indirect costs, gross margins, bottom line and could even produce basic P&L accounts in just 40 minutes. This was my moment of enlightenment and I now have Income and Expenditure and Financial Statements and Ratios Apps for the public at large and Educational Establishments with the ability to create bespoke versions for individual businesses. They have helped up to AAT Level 4.

    Following trials in Academies earlier this year I have an arrangement with Rotary whereby The Foundation for the Eradication of Polio will gain funds through sales of the Apps which will of course be doubled by Melinda and Bill Gates.

    Rotary are in discussions to have the Apps used by the Government in their Mobility Agenda for improving numeracy.

    I would be delighted to speak to you further in the meantime there is more information on www.thconsulting.co.uk/financial-game This website is currently being updated

    PS I used the original game which enlightened MBA students when i taught Finance and Risk Management at the local University.

    Tim Hill

  • Excellent idea.

    One of the biggest issues I see as an accountancy trainer/tutor/facilitator is the need for students to less process driven and more entrepreneurial.  I would love to see more of them have the confidence to trust their own ability, judgement and instinct without feeling the need to find the right answer.  Maybe there isn't yet a right answer and they can provide it! I would really appreciate more freedom for students of business and accountancy to develop these key soft skills in the workplace, classroom and their everyday experiences.

  • Hi everyone,

    I have just stumbled across this initiative which I think is a great idea to allow us to collaborate and share ideas. As someone who moved late on from industry to academia I see how quickly our industry is changing and think it is vital that practice, industry and education stays in close contact to maintain academic relevance and also for academia to be best placed to challenge practice and industry. I will certainly be encouraging those outside education to also join. Look forward to sharing.