Youth Skills Day: My experience at ICAEW - summer 2019

My name is Isabella and I spent one week at ICAEW for my work experience. My first impression of ICAEW was very different from what it actually is. I thought it would be a very strict environment with lots of people on their desks doing maths related work but it was much more fun and creative than that. I was invited to work in the social media department and didn’t really know what to expect because I didn’t understand how accountancy and social media would link, but then I learnt that there are many different factors.

On the first day I met the rest of the interns, had an induction and a presentation on what we would be doing this week. We had a tour of the building and I was very impressed with the history of ICAEW and how far it has come. After that I was introduced to my mentors, Cindy, Sabina and May who showed me to my workspace and showed me the basics of what people do in the social media department.

I was very nicely welcome and everyone was very friendly and kind which really helps the students to fit in. Everyone has a very different job which I didn’t know. Before I came here I thought everyone had the same thing to do but I learnt that in a company there are many jobs to do for a place to run efficiently.

Throughout the week we went to many different sessions about different topics such as Social Media 101, Money Talks, Our Planet screening, BASE competition and tea with Fiona Wilkinson, President of ICAEW. My favourite session was the BASE competition because I had to come out my comfort zone and do things I wouldn’t  normally do but are very important in the working world, for example we had to work with people we didn’t know and then present to the president. This session was very useful and important because I got feedback on how to improve my presentation skills for when I start working.

To summarise I really enjoyed my time at ICAEW and all the lessons and skills I learnt throughout the week. It was very fun and productive at the same time. I think it’s extremely important for young people to experience what I did because it plays a vital role in preparing for the real working life. I learnt things I wouldn’t learn anywhere else and now I have a much wider knowledge of skills and how to act in a professional environment.