Youth Skills Day: summer 2018! My Experience at ICAEW!

For World Youth Skills Day (WYSD), I have decided to create a blog to mention the crucial skills young people need for employment- as unemployment and underemployment is becoming a global issue that young people face- and the many key attributes we-as young people, need in regards to looking for a job. I am going to be explaining the different skills I have learnt as well as the skills I have expanded whilst spending my time here. 

 As well as this, I am going to be describing my uplifting and motivating journey through ICAEW (The Institute of Chartered Accountants) that has given me an insight of the ‘working world’ and raised my awareness of the different skills needed to have a fulfilling job in the future.  

 When I first walked through the Moorgate Place reception Monday morning, viewing the intricate detail of the walls, floor, furniture; I must admit, I expected the workers to be uptight, work-obsessed, not-so-nice-people and to be honest, I think any other teenager would assume so too. However, my thoughts and judgement were quickly destroyed as I almost immediately saw the bombardment of warm and honest smiles.  

 I was introduced to all the other Work Experience students where some were from my school (which calmed down my nerves for a little bit…), and was given an induction into working with ICAEW which included: Health and Safety, information about ICAEW, receiving our security passes for the week and setting some goals for the week and what we would like to get out of it.

 Afterwards, I was allocated into the Social Media and Brand department out of 10 other departments. In Media and Brand, we had to incorporate many skills in order to complete different tasks and to interact with the audience. Firstly, we had to have use of basic IT skills as mostly all popular media is technology based. Secondly, we had to have literacy and commutative skills as media consists of how to encourage an audience to read a story and the most effective way to convey an audience to a storyline. Thirdly, we definitely had to express a mature and sensible attitude when working in the office as other people were working.

 During the week, we were given many different activities to do to enhance the skills we already had and to flourish some new skills. On Tuesday, we had a jam packed day starting off with an ICAEW tour in the morning followed by a sustainability exercise and lastly, the unappreciated tax talks.

Out of those activates, I was not looking forward to the tax talks however, when I had the session of Tax with Anita, I got a deeper understanding of Tax in practical and fun ways for example mimicking sweets as money for different national systems.

 I believe these skills are essential to work life as the use of these important skills will help us locate and expand on the talents we already have to make sure we thrive in our different jobs in the future. On the blog-helblingreaders website it states; “ Everyone should have the opportunity to discover and develop their talents.” Finally, I believe that the following key skills: IT knowledge, communication skills, analytical skills and knowledge of media, are all crucial attributes for employment. In relation to Worlds Youth Skills day, young people may need to reflect on the skills they already have to ensure there future is certified. This week at ICAEW has given me the opportunity to reflect on my own skills (some of which I didn’t know I had) and has given me the chance to look at the ‘working world’ from a different perspective.