Evidence-based policy making in accounting: what more can be done to give researchers better access to data?

With current pressure on policymakers to provide cost-benefit analysis to support proposed regulatory changes and on researchers to do policy-relevant work, discussions about evidence-based policy making have become increasingly more relevant to accounting. This topic was therefore an appropriate choice for this year’s PD Leake lecture, held at Chartered Accountants’ Hall in October.

The lecture, entitled, Evidence-based policy making: challenges and opportunities for accounting and financial markets research, was given by Professor Christian Leuz of Chicago Booth University, with a response provided by Melanie McLaren from the Financial Reporting Council. A recording of the lecture is available and a blog about the lecture here.

During the lecture, Professor Leuz identified access to data as one the biggest challenges facing researchers looking to conduct policy-relevant work. ICAEW is interested in exploring this further and would welcome your views on what more can be done to give the academic community better access to data?