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Are online courses a good idea to improve skills?

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  • It doesn't matter whether you learn online or offline. It's a matter of your motivation only. If you have a goal and if you are ready to do anything to achieve it, you'll succeed. For example, I'm currently learning Spanish with an online teacher because I work for a Spanish company and need to communicate with native speakers of Spanish almost every day. I have no time to go to a teacher, this is why I've decided to try to learn Spanish online. I've compared several popular services including, and and finally chose the latter (reasonable prices, delightful reviews and so on). It's my first experience in e-learning and it turned out to be just as effective as learning in a traditional way. No matter if you hire a personal tutor or take a course, if you are motivated enough, it will help you improve your knowledge. Which course are you considering BTW?

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