A Coronavirus survival guide for you & your family

The coronavirus world is a crazy place - with the situation changing so rapidly, it is hard to keep up. Nonetheless, a few things look certain - chances are you are self isolating, entertaining kids who are bored of being stuck at home, and having to juggle teaching online and research with your family demands. While health professionals and your local authorities are providing the information you need to stay safe, you may be feeling the need for other types of support. Here, we provide activities to help entertain your family while in isolation or observing social-distancing, and some resources to help manage the stress and any anxiety you may be experiencing.

Please see the link below which will talk about:

  • Anxiety about Coronavirus
  • Keeping your family healthy and informed
  • Games & activities for your family
  • Science activities and fun

Link - https://akidemiclife.com/coronavirus

Extract taken from - akidemiclife.com