Events: Dates to diarise

We have a full programme of events in place to support your return to work.

Where possible we will publish relevant resources from these events onto the website under Career Break and Getting Back to Work

We are also hoping to run the Returner Community events in locations outside London this year and we are introducing several webinars (full details will be published in due course). Please do let us know if there are any additional topics you would like us to address




What’s it about

24 April

Technical Update for Career Breakers

ICAEW experts will be sharing their knowledge on key technical changes that will help you be fully prepared for your return to work.


15 May

½ Day Comeback Community workshop: Clarifying motivation, goals and strengths


Clarify your drivers and motivations for returning to work – exploring any changes in priority and the possible impacts

Creating your best self – adopting the principles of positive psychology to ensure successful goal setting

Understanding the range of options available to you and how to move towards these

Explore and clarify your unique value and personal strengths

7 June

Webinar: What about Dads?

This webinar aims to share information about Shared Parental leave legislation and will address how organisations can consider Dads as well as Mums, creating a culture where it is ok for them to speak up and it isn’t perceived as career limiting. It will also equip dads to be able to ask for the flexibility they need to balance work and home.

20 June

½ Day Comeback Community workshop: Your confident self

Explore how having the right mind set drives change, increases confidence, supports resilience and enhances creativity

Understand how to communicate effectively and assertively, ensuring you are heard and respected

Recognise how change impacts you and explore effective strategies to boost your motivation and resilience through transition

Create a clear plan for maintaining your future positive work/life integration

9 October

½ Day Comeback Community workshop: Getting out there and selling your value

Find out more about your rights around flexible working and how to approach this request with employers

Identify your skills gaps and create a personal learning and development plan

Understand how a clear ‘personal brand’ and compelling ‘narrative’ will help you identify, target and secure your next role

Explore how to make the best of social media and networking to ‘sell’ your value-add


 Webinar: LinkedIn for career breakers



 Webinar: Career adaptability, identifying and filling in the gaps



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