The first step to find your dream career is to consider several opportunities that exist for discovering a great career idea.

1.Overcome your own obstacles

Simply knowing what you don’t want to do and what you don’t like, is not enough. Overcoming your own obstacle means answering questions about yourself. If you are stuck in your job, whether it’s the 9-5 + weekends, that some people call the “rat race”, or you simply don’t like what you are doing as a job, you need to assess the real possibilities to do something different with your working life.

This approach requires some degree of research of your own opportunities and risks, so the questions are: What are your skills? What is your personality type? And finally, what are your work options?

Everyone will answer differently to these questions, but it’s important, to be honest, to give yourself a realistic opportunity for a new career.

2. Build an interesting brand

This opportunity requires a different approach and mindset than the previous one. Building an interesting brand means also building an audience. And this means you must have a superior understanding of what your potential customers need, want and what their problems are. If you can build a great audience, this can be the differentiating factor that could lead to success in a very competitive market.

To make things easier, it’s better to relate to an audience to which you share already problems, expectations and aspirations. If you can put yourself into the shoes of your prospects you are in a better position to build a great audience because you know how to communicate to them.

3. Your first career comes to a natural end

One of the best ways to make a career change is when your previous career has a time end. Nobody can do the same thing forever, there will be a time in life when your career will end. When this time comes, you need to be prepared to switch to something new and equally rewarding but the huge advantage is that you know well in advance when your career will end, which gives you time to prepare.

This advantage is crucial, you can take time to research, try and validate your new career before you even start it.

4. Follow your own passion

Following a career change, sometimes you might end up in failure because you have chosen to do what really spices you up and you haven’t considered feasibility. However, this isn’t always the case, and it can actually prove to be quite successful. People who are passionate about their businesses benefit from strong tenacity compared to those who do a job just because “why not”. This point is very important as motivation will help you through major setbacks and failures.

5. Use your previous knowledge and experience

In your career change, it would help a lot having a competitive advantage over others doing the same thing. One of the best advantages you can have is turning your expertise into a job. And this doesn’t only mean turning a previous job into another job, it can also be an unpaid activity into a job.

Once you have gained lots of expertise into one area of work, whether it’s your passion or your duty, you raise the standards and it will be more difficult for other people to replicate your success.

6. Look for an opportunity gap

When you research a new career, you can also look at the current market, focus on what’s broken or what’s imperfect and provide a better solution. It can also be an improved service or a more efficient marketing of a product, anything that will give you a competitive advantage.

7. Discover opportunities on Google

The Internet is without any doubt the place most people spend their time to search for new things all the time. Finding opportunities online means finding the careers opportunities that are really popular. On Google, most of the things you search are measured by volumes and keywords. Keywords are the search terms that people search and volumes are the total amount of searches, normally measured per month.

Make yourself familiar with these 7 opportunities types to be able to discover new career change opportunities and have a great start on a new career.

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