How would you rate your Career Adaptability? Career Adaptability is now essential for career success.

Careers are generally lasting longer, with people either having to or choosing to work longer. But with this it’s becoming more likely that careers will be fragmented. They will potentially include career breaks and periods of unemployment and may well involve individuals moving towards a portfolio career where they have more than 1 job role. 

Research conducted by Hilary Lindsay (former ICAEW President) into what aids career success in chartered accountants, discovered that many accountants agreed that professional competence alone is no longer enough to have a successful career.  It was concluded that accountants need to develop a different set of skills in addition to their professional competency, called career adaptability.

Career adaptability involves having the skills and abilities needed to be able to respond to a rapidly changing work environment, as well as the resilience needed during career trauma and transitions that we can all experience throughout an employment journey.  It includes being ready and prepared to react flexibly to change to be able to continue to shape your career. 

CABA in partnership with the University of Warwick career adaptability tool to make it relevant to chartered accountants. This tool aims to help ICAEW members assess how adaptable they are against 4 key attributes and to help them identify areas where they could improve. 

To further support members in developing their career adaptability, CABA has developed a series of short webinars to help individuals consider practical ways to improve in each of the 4 attributes and help them get ready to respond flexibly to any changes they may face in the rapidly changing world of work.  These webinars can be accessed as a result of completing the career adaptability tool.

To assess your career adaptability please click here.

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