Is Age Just a State of Mind

Relaunching your career after a break can be daunting, you have to reassess many activities that you haven’t done for a while.

You will have to create a Linkedin profile. Apply for jobs. Prepare for interviews and get yourself back on the market.

Will My Age Hold Me Back ?

But probably one of the biggest things that may concern you is “Will my age hold me back”.

Age is a top concern, the market doesn’t just focus on your actual age it also focuses on the industry you’re in, the length of your career break, and your career transition.

Imagine yourself as a full pie, age being one piece of the pie, an employer considering you for the role will be looking at the entire pie assessing all your qualities.

Preparing for Interviews/First Impressions

When preparing for meetings/interviews, place yourself in the interviewer's shoes and get ahead of what he/she may be thinking.

If you’re worried that they may see you as outdated, mention this in your interview and demonstrate that it is not the case because you’re a quick learner, you’ve kept up to date and you have a natural ability to adapt.

Do your research on the company and dress for the part, first impressions are lasting, always use examples from your past which will highlight your abilities.

If you’re worried that your potential manager is younger, speak about your strengths as a team player, emphasise your success in the past working with people of all ages, express your eagerness to learn and your lack of interest in office politics.

Own Your Age

If you are concerned that you will appear overqualified (which could be age related), explain that the role is exactly what you want at this stage of your career.

Be clear why you chose that role and prove why your skills are a great fit.

Continue to build your confidence and “own your age”, remembering it’s only one piece of the pie.