Part-time Head of Finance Opportunity - Returners encouraged to apply.

At NotLost, we are looking to deliver a global disruption in how we address and tackle the multi-billion-pound issue of lost property.  Lost property is currently underpinned by isolated and out-dated processes and systems and our goals are simple, we want to find and return more lost property, to recover value from unclaimed items and to ethically handle and dispose of any unwanted items. 

Our leading-edge technology can connect a network of multiple locations (venues, businesses, travel operators etc.) in one integrated Platform; empowering consumers to recover the stuff that matters to them and improving the lost property experience for venue staff. 

Our physical Services combine a number of partnership arrangements to encompass the movement, storage, return to consumers, re-sale and re-cycling of unclaimed items.  This aggregation and scale will also allow us to exploit inefficiencies in the current supply chain, driving value for our shareholders and our partner venues.

Our business plan is hinged on a B2B2C approach, selling our NotLost Platform and Services to Partner Venues and using that network to promote our Platform and Services to Consumers.



The Head of Finance and Admin is responsible for the efficient and effective running of the back-office operations in order to contribute to the delivery of the Company’s overall commercial objectives. In particular, they will manage all finance and accounting functions; building appropriate systems and processes for recording and reporting all financial transactions in a timely manner, such systems and processes to be scalable to accommodate a UK-wide operation.  They will be responsible for forecasting, budgeting and measurement of the company’s performance.  They will oversee payroll and HR admin functions and management of our external legal advisors.



  • Manage the Company’s financial affairs, including management and statutory accounts together with longer term financial projections
  • Administer and review all financial plans and budgets; monitor progress and changes; and keep senior management abreast of financial status via monthly reporting
  • Maintain the most efficient and effective financial control systems and reporting mechanisms for a scaling business
  • Prepare the year-end financial accounts for audit and manage the audit process
  • Supervise the production of regular salary payments and records, NI, PAYE and pension contributions in accordance with regulatory requirements
  • Oversee all tax matters, looking at efficient ways of reducing liability and keeping abreast of current legislation
  • Deal with the company’s bank in respect of payments and receipts and to ensure that all bank accounts and credit card statements are regularly reviewed and reconciled
  • Oversee all external contracts, and ensure that all the Company’s expenditure is correctly authorised and accounted for
  • To operate an efficient and timely credit control procedure
  • To ensure the overall smooth and cost-effective running of the Company’s internal administration
  • To manage, in conjunction with the Executive Chairman, staff contracts and HR matters
  • To manage personnel procedures in relation to recruitment, training, holidays and appraisals, ensuring these are properly documented, and advise on relevant policies
  • To ensure that the Company’s legal responsibilities are met, in particular that all necessary insurance is properly in place
  • Actively part take in senior management forums
  • To be responsible for Data Protection, Copyright & Licensing compliance etc.



  • Recognised accounting qualification and post-qualification experience (5+ years)
  • Implementing financial and management accounting processes and controls
  • Good understanding of relevant IT/web-based finance systems
  • Agile, creative and succinct reporting of company and segment performance to senior management and Board level
  • Excellent planner and strategic thinker
  • Risk management and cost control skills
  • A strong grasp of all relevant legislation and of how it applies to the role
  • Management of external vendors
  • Ideally – implementing finance systems
  • Ideally – consumer payment processing systems
  • Ideally – management of legal / HR functions
  • Ideally – early stage equity funding and / or AIM listing



The candidate will demonstrate:

  • Ability to work under pressure and deliver timely results
  • Commercial acumen and ability to think creatively
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A strong work ethic and enthusiasm for supporting the team
  • A positive, communicative personality that engenders confidence in others
  • A desire to grow the business and benefit from its success
  • Growth mindset and a willingness to learn from mistakes
  • Good time management skills and organisation
  • Process and detail focus
  • Comfortable working in a small, agile, team

We are very happy to consider a career returner for this opportunity. The role will be based in central London.

Please note we are working with Inclusivity Partners for this opportunity. Please send your expression of interest to