Welcome to the Career Breakers workshop series for 2018 starting next week!

Hello everyone!

I'm delighted to be facilitating our workshop next week supported by ICAEW and CABA, your career and wellbeing charity. 

We learnt so much last year throughout the three workshops we ran and I'm so excited to be involved for a second year when we will be adding a 4th workshop!

One of my key reflections from working with career breakers in 2017 was both the diversity and the connectedness of the delegates. Everyone had their unique reason for taking a career break - some breaks were taken with little choice, such as redundancy, heath issues, caring responsibilities or maternity/paternity, whilst others had decided to take some time out to consider their options. Whilst people may have had differing reasons for taking time out, everyone connected in their desire to regain confidence, be clear about the options available to them and take affirmative action to move forward. 

In the first of our workshops we will set the table for the series. We'll consider what your motivating factors are for returning to the workplace, whether you've been out of the playing field for a few months or several years. We will take some time to look at your individual goals for 2018 and consider what steps you'll need to take to move you closer to the career and life you want and need. You''ll get free coaching from the other experts in the room - your peers, to help you formulate your career plan for 2018.

We'll also explore what makes you perform at your best. Specifically, we will explore our character strengths in this session. Character strengths are innate capabilities we all have which allow us to perform with energy and enthusiasm. Critically, they are not the same as skills which can be taught. Strengths are qualities that we may not even recognise as strengths. When we are playing to our strengths we are energised and effective. We form great relationships with clients, employers and colleagues and we get things done. But there is a shadow side to strengths too - when we overplay our strengths we might find we cause unintentional blockers in our progress towards goals or become inflexible in the face of change. Understanding and harnessing your innate strengths has been proven to increase performance, confidence and a whole host of other positive outcomes. 

Welcome to the Career Breakers workshop series of 2018! I can't wait to start working with you all next Tuesday in Chartered Accountants Hall.

Lucy Whitehall

Positive Psychology Coach, Trainer and Consultant

  • We have a full house booked for tomorrow's session. Do remember that even if you can't make the London sessions, you can still access brilliant support from CABA from one-to-one career coaching to LinkedIn and CV audits. Contact CABA at www.caba.org.uk for more information or visit our dedicated career breaker webpage at www.icaew.com/b2w