How do I build up my network when I have been out of the profession for many years?

Networking is seen as a key skill to getting back to work but how do you begin to re-connect and extend your network? How can you build an effective LinkedIn profile? How can you let people know you are looking to get back to work?

Back to Your Future: Women Returners Conference London 14 November 2016

Only £85 for ICAEW career breakers (£100 full price) by using the promo code ‘Comeback'

Join Women Returners for a day of inspiration, advice and support, specifically designed for professional women returning to work after a long career break. Alongside a range of workshops, panels and speaker sessions, you will have the opportunity to meet informally with a like-minded peer group and returner employers.

The Conference is hosted by the ICAEW, sponsored by PwC, Credit Suisse, Skanska, O2 and Fidelity International, and supported by the 30% Club.


How to network for career success London (CAH) 13 December 2016

Only £25 for career breakers (£60 full price)

Join us as we share the secret to building a powerful network and compelling personal profile. Impress potential employers and prospective business partners with the unique you – in person, on paper and online.

This practical, highly-interactive one day master class in effective networking will give you the strategy, tools, confidence and connections to increase your influence and boost your career. Being prepared and making the most of your networks can yield big dividends.

This workshop will help you:

  • identify and access networking opportunities
  • leverage and build your connections
  • master the art of working a room
  • become skilled at following up and staying in touch with contacts and
  • create your personal networking action plan.

Our skilled facilitator, Heather White, will also provide you with personalised feedback and address your concerns. There will also be an opportunity to a get a picture taken to use for your professional social networks. In addition, we will provide free access to a follow-up online course on how to find a business network in the UK worth £45.