Another professional qualification after ACA

I sincerely hope to gather more comments about my future development.

After obtaining the ACA qualification and Master degree in Finance, I am planning to further develop my knowledge and obtain another professional qualification.  My career goal is to become Financial Controller in commercial field.  How would you rank the below that would be the most beneficial to my career development?

1. CFA
2. LLB
4. MBA
5. CIA
6. Any other suggestion

Thank you very much!
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  • I am currently pursing ACA and just have the last 3 papers to go and am planning to apply for a senior status law degree after i quailify as an ACA. So would be looking towards a practice in tax law. 

    In light of your experiances in the last 5 years, i was curious as to what your assessment would be now ? And if there is any other route you would suggest ?

    Thank you 

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