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  • Five ways to... design for red-green colour-blindness

    In this series I am looking at different contextual, editorial, analytical, or design challenges encountered when working on data visualisation tasks. Each will be framed around a specific 'everyday' challenge with five possible methods, idea...
    • 7 Nov 2019
  • Getting over the excel hump

    Spreadsheets are good aren’t they, they are familiar, you know what to do with them, everyone uses them, why change? Programming on the other hand that’s not for you. You’re not trying to build Facebook you just want to manipulate s...
    • 3 Nov 2019
  • Violin Plots

    IntroductionViolin plots are used to intuitively show the distribution of data in a data set. If you want to understand things like the demographics of your product users or the range of revenue per customer across different product ranges, viol...
    • 30 Oct 2019