International Women’s day 2019 – Supporting gender equality in accountancy

As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, here are three ways in which ICAEW is actively supporting and celebrating female progress in the profession:

Centenary of female membership campaign

In May 2020 we will mark 100 years since ICAEW gained its first female member, Mary Harris Smith, who was also the first female chartered accountant in the world. As Fiona Wilkinson, our third female president, takes her office in June 2019, we will commence a year of celebrating progress towards gender equality in accountancy, leading up to May 2020. The centenary campaign will be a chance for members across the world to celebrate the achievements of female accountants and spark conversation about how we can work towards gender equality in business – in line with the IWD 2019 #BalanceforBetter campaign.

For more details, watch this space.

Women in Leadership programme

ICAEW’s Women in Leadership (WIL) is a development programme open to women across practice, business and public sector who are aiming for senior management, partner or board roles. WIL’s core aim is to empower women to find a style of leadership that is already within them, and bring it powerfully to the fore, to help both the individual and the business they work in prosper. Through a finely-tuned programme which includes a strengths finder, peer learning, coaching and 360 feedback, women on WIL unlock confidence which was already within them and create a deep understanding of their goals and drivers in all aspects of their lives, as well as their careers.

To find out more information about WIL, please visit the WIL homepage.

Women in Finance networks

ICAEW runs a number of networks designed to support and inspire female chartered accountants across the world. In 2018 we were proud to add two new networks to our range. The Women in EU Finance Network, run by ICAEW Europe, brings together professionals from different levels of seniority to share success stories, discuss persistent challenges and help drive change by strengthening the connections between women working in financial services in Brussels and beyond.  Our Greater China team also set up a network for female professionals, which held its first event in Beijing.

Posted on behalf of Julia Root-Gutteridge , Business Manager, ICAEW

Diversity Community

Michael Izza’s blog to mark International Women’s Day 2019

Sharron’s interview with COBCOE 


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  • Whenever I see the figure of “the Institute Lady” on the website or other publications of ICAEW, it makes me proud that my institute is symbolically represented by a woman. It is quite satisfying that rights and needs of women are well recognized by ICAEW. Blog in Diversity community about gender pay gap along with recording of a webinar on gender pay gap explains how seriously ICAEW recognizes the difference between the salary structure of men and women. Undoubtedly, achievement of financial equality between men and women is the precursor to economic and social growth of world.

    Further, I request Diversity Community and ICAEW to cover other underprivileged and discriminated segments of population such as persons challenged by disabilities, non-whites and Muslims. It is matter of great pain that discrimination against Muslims is not even recognized. A recent terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand against Muslims by a white terrorist did not invite adequate level of condemnation by Western nations.

    Has ICAEW/Diversity Community a plan to support / pacify it Muslim members in the backdrop of Christchurch attack?

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