Motivation, mindset and resilience webinar

Liam McKelvie is a quad amputee who believes that you can achieve your goals and ambitions irrespective of how many limbs you have or how many obstacles stand in your way.

Liam has had to continually adapt to what life has thrown at him due to his disability. His experiences have helped him craft a forward looking attitude backed up with confidence and an ability to persist through difficult times. The attitudes Liam has built throughout his life have proved to be useful beyond overcoming his disability. His positive and proactive outlook on life has helped him deal with his mental health, physical health, business life and adapting to difficult changes.

As we currently find ourselves amidst a global pandemic, Liam has once again had to use the attitudes he has built throughout his life in order to cope. This includes having to figure out how to live with limited assistance and how to restructure his entire business model in just a few days.

There are three key areas that have always determined Liam’s quality of life in any situation: mindset, action and resilience.  In his virtual talk he discusses all three areas and provides examples from his own life to show you how you can adapt to change, and the unforeseen circumstances created by the pandemic.

Please register with your details below.  This will be an inspirational and motivational webinar leaving you with plenty of  food for thought.

Motivation, mindset and resilience webinar

Tuesday 28th July


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