Whenever I see the figure of “the Institute Lady” on the website or other publications of ICAEW, it makes me proud that my institute is symbolically represented by a woman. It is quite satisfying that rights and needs of women are well recognized by ICAEW. Blog in Diversity community about gender pay gap along with recording of a webinar on gender pay gap explains how seriously ICAEW recognizes the difference between the salary structure of men and women. Undoubtedly, achievement of financial equality between men and women is the precursor to economic and social growth of world.

Further, I request Diversity Community and ICAEW to cover other underprivileged and discriminated segments of population such as persons challenged by disabilities, non-whites and Muslims. It is matter of great pain that discrimination against Muslims is not even recognized. A recent terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand against Muslims by a white terrorist did not invite adequate level of condemnation by Western nations.

Has ICAEW/Diversity Community a plan to support / pacify it Muslim members in the backdrop of Christchurch attack?