A new look for financial reporting on icaew.com

We have been working hard to improve the way you can access financial reporting resources on the website and bring to the surface the most relevant and recent content.

The financial reporting landing page displays content according to topic areas, for example UK GAAP and IFRS. Based on our research we have added further categories and included content from across ICAEW, for example highlighting resources on specialist areas available from the Institute’s Library. We have also included links to the most popular items, for example eIFRS (for faculty members) and illustrative accounts and checklists.

The Financial Reporting Faculty page highlights content according to content type and the key focus is on the premium content available exclusively to faculty members.  Here you will find access to the faculty’s factsheets, webinar recordings, magazine and much more.

A lot of work has also been done to improve our pages on UK GAAP and IFRS accounting standards. These pages now bring together content from the faculty, the Library and the Technical Advisory Service. Each accounting standard has a shortform eg icaew.com/frs102, icaew.com/ifrs16 to take you directly to the content on that topic, and each page has bookmarks at the top to help you navigate to further specific resources. We have seen a marked improvement in the  performance of our pages in searches so, whether navigating directly or using a search function, we hope you are finding your way more easily to the content you are looking for.

But there is still more to do. Work is underway to improve some of the specific areas by updating and generating more content. This is an ongoing project as we strive to constantly improve what we deliver to both ICAEW and Financial Reporting Faculty members.

We would very much appreciate your feedback on what we have done so far and what you consider to be a priority for our focus going forward. Please leave a comment below or email the faculty at frfac@icaew.com with your suggestions.