Financial Reporting Faculty members – make the most of eIFRS

To assist in the application of IFRS, the IFRS Foundation has recently published the 2018 Required Annotated IFRS Standards.

Like the 2018 Required IFRS Standards (the 2018 Blue Book) it includes all the effective standards with the required application date of 1 January 2018, Illustrative Examples and Bases of Conclusions. It also includes extensive cross references and agenda decisions incorporated into the text.

Financial Reporting Faculty members have full online access to the IFRS Foundation’s eIFRS service as part of the faculty subscription. This includes online access to all IFRS publications, including the latest versions of the ‘blue’, ‘red’ and ‘green’ books and the IFRS Foundation’s educational material. This service would usually cost £295 per annum.

To help you make the most of the eIFRS service, the IASB has recently launched a quarterly newsletter.

Read the January eIFRS newsletter for advice on how to use the ‘standards comparison tool’, a unique tool which compares the differences between standards as effective in the current year, last year and next year.

 Newsletter January eIFRS.pdf