Information for Better Markets conference: Is corporate reporting heading in the right direction?

This was the question up for debate at the Financial Reporting Faculty’s ‘Information for Better Markets’ conference, held at Chartered Accountants’ Hall in December. Aimed at academics, investors, business people, accountants in practice, standard-setters and regulators, this annual event aims to stimulate debate on current financial reporting issues.

The conference includes sessions delivered by leading academics, commissioned by ICAEW, to look at what can be learned from the latest research. Over 160 delegates attended this year’s conference which included presentations from  Professor Baruch Lev, NYU Stern, who argued that financial statements do not currently give investors what they need and from Professor Niamh Brennan who suggested that, in order to be successful,  the view of corporate communication needs to shift from a way one process of reporting to a two way dialogue between organization.

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Across the next six months we will produce a series of short blogs which will cover each of the academic papers. The first of these, to be published later this month, will consider Professor Niamh Brennan’s paper ‘Do firms effectively communicate with Financial Stakeholders?

Recordings from the conference will be available shortly at

Academic papers based on the conference will be published in the annual International Accounting Policy Forum special issue of Accounting and Business Research, a leading academic journal. The papers will be available in Summer 2018. A link to the final papers will included in the final blog and at

For more information about this year’s conference or to register your interest for next year’s conference on Financial Scandals, please contact