IFRS 15 and Hotels

Currently the hotels account for service charges on the bills in a pass through manner.For example, a bill that has the sale value of 100 and a 10 service charge is recorded as 100 revenue, and service charge payable 10, the total is received in cash. The service charge goes off the books when distributed to the employees.

Can this method of accounting be continued under IFRS 15? Should the revenue be 110 under IFRS 15 and then the accrual for service charge to be made via income statement as an expense.?

Sanath Fernando

  • Thank you for posting your question.

    If you are an ICAEW member, ICAEW’s Technical Advisory Service are able to assist with this type of query. They can be contacted on the Technical helpline: +44 (0)1908 248 250.

  • Hi Sanath

    Can I refer you to Example 46A of IFRS 15 IE? It is not the same scenario as you described in your post, but I think it is similar. I do not have the full facts so I am not able to provide you with a conclusion. However, in the case of a hotel, it is likely that the hotel controls the services provided by its employees, before they are provided to the guests. Hope that helps.