Accessing to funding during current crisis

The Government announced in the Budget that funding up to £1.2 million would be made available to small business to assist with the disruption caused by the CoVid 19 emergency, but has anyone thought about what applying for this funding is going to be like?

This is likely to be the first time businesses have submitted a request for funding where income is at best uncertain and possibly nil for an uncertain period which at minimum is likely to be measured in months, with some forecasts suggesting 12 - 18 months before matters return to some kind of normality. 

What is such a funding request going to look like? A schedule of fixed and committed costs and a justification for continuing costs, particularly staffing, but for what timeline? How are the banks likely to receive projections where costs are identifiable but income cannot be justified?

Should the decision making process be delegated to a sector that caused the last financial crisis, and now appears to be in the driving seat of deciding which businesses around the country are supported and survive, or are not, and fail?