Emailing HMRC's IVA team

You can now email HMRC’s Debt Management, Individuals Voluntary Arrangement team

HMRC has said that it wants to help IPs by speeding up communications. You can now use their secure email system to contact the Individuals Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) team. The IVA team’s email address is

HMRC has said that while secure email is a safe and tested method and can speed up their processes, they take great care with personal information and have strict rules and protocols around using email to contact customers. And even with secure email, there is an element of risk. Emails can be intercepted or altered, and may not carry the same evidential weight as a letter. If IPs want to use email to communicate with HMRC, you need to let them know you accept this risk.

What you need to do:

When you first contact the team, please copy and include this disclaimer – the next paragraph – as part of your initial proposal:

I understand that if I correspond with HMRC by e-mail, I accept the risks associated with using e-mail and I am happy for HMRC to send my company e-mails containing personal information. I understand that HMRC will reply to the e-mail address we have used, unless I specify an alternative.

HMRC is planning to expand the use of secure email across their Enforcement and Insolvency Service and will provide more details about this as it becomes available