Gibson Booth achieve WFH bliss with document management


Led by Managing Director Ted Wetton, Gibson Booth are a business solutions and insolvency firm based in Barnsley, England. The firm have over 25 years of experience helping businesses through financial difficulties.

The Challenge

As an established company, Gibson Booth had spent years working like most traditional businesses - relying on paper, printing, scanning and posting their documents. By 2001 the team knew their way of working was not efficient or scalable, and so implemented their first document management system. While this was a giant leap towards innovation for their operations, this early edition document management software could not meet their growing requirements.

Although Gibson Booth had been paperless since 2001, there were still areas of improvement needed to achieve their goals:

  • Employ secure systems to provide seamless processes to serve clients more efficiently
  • Increase employee satisfaction with flexible remote working
  • Increase ROI by implementing best of breed systems

When tendering for a new document management system, Gibson Booth’s priority was to ensure that their pre-existing IPS file structure remained.  The team also wanted to refine their workflows and processes to become more efficient, all whilst achieving their goals.

“Our paper files were the same as the files in Virtual Cabinet.” – Ted Wetton, Managing Director, Gibson Booth

The Result

A collaborative on-boarding with Virtual Cabinet meant that Gibson Booth were able to connect previously disparate systems and easily streamline processes across the organisation. From the outset, integration with Virtual Cabinet gave staff the ability to immediately search, cross reference and manage confidential and business critical information, which were originally stored in multiple locations across the business. Now, with Virtual Cabinet, the team has access to all information from any location.

“The main benefit of VC is I can be anywhere, and I can get into all my files, via the VC app or my laptop. My staff can work from home as if they were in the office and had the physical file there, which has improved staff working life." – Ted Wetton, Managing Director, Gibson Booth

While being acutely aware of recent changes to privacy regulations and the use of personal data, Gibson Booth also benefit from using Virtual Cabinet’s secure Client Portal. A feature that has now become essential to the firm’s operations.

“You don’t have to worry about GDPR as much if you’re using the Virtual Cabinet Portal. I consider it confidential between myself and the client I’m sending documents to.” – Ted Wetton, Managing Director, Gibson Booth

The Gibson Booth team report that they have achieved their goals and much more with Virtual Cabinet’s advanced document management software. Gibson Booth have used Virtual Cabinet since 2013 and found the integration to be “…a very easy process.”