Looking ahead to 2018

For many firms and individuals, year-end appraisals or performance development reviews will be coming up. This is a good time to review your team’s objectives and its training needs. 

There are many sources of potential training material and you may already be thinking about options for those staff who want to pursue a formal insolvency qualification.  

The ICAEW Certificate in Insolvency is the most flexible and competitively priced insolvency learning programme.

It’s suitable for professionals pursuing a career in insolvency either as a stand-alone qualification or as a precursor to JIEB. It’s equally suitable for inexperienced professionals as well as experienced professionals who may not have done any (or who may need to refresh) their formal studies. 

Candidates can choose to study at home, or via the award-winning, live, interactive online classes.

The 2018 online classes will start on 8 June 2018 and finish on 5 October 2018, with monthly assessments throughout the year at various locations.  You can access more details including how to register here or by contacting alison.morgan@icaew.com