R3 / ICAEW research into CVAs - are you interested in being interviewed to share your experience of CVAs?

Professor Peter Walton of Wolverhamton University is carrying out research into CVAs for a joint R3 / ICAEW project. The aims of the research are to identify:

- and categorise CVA success and failure

- the causes of CVA failure

- the number of successful and failed CVAs

- the impact on creditor groups such as landlords, HMRC, employees and other unsecured and secured creditors

- the key characteristics of successful and failed CVAs.

The qualitative part of this research is almost complete but Professor Walton would be interested in speaking with IPs about their experience of CVAs during the next few weeks. The calls should take no longer than 15-20 minutes and need to have taken place before the end of January.

If you are willing to participate please email Professor Walton at p.a.walton@wlv.ac.uk