Talk Insolvency - the future

For a number of years we have used Talk Insolvency to get key messages out to ICAEW’s IPs quickly, and to alert you to technical changes, SIP consultations, compliance issues and ICAEW’s events.

From 14 September, ICAEW will no longer be using the ION platform which hosts Talk Insolvency. Instead, all insolvency-related announcements and articles will be hosted on 

We hope this page will be live by the end next week. 

We aren’t able to send alerts to notify you of posts to this new page on But we have arranged for them to be included in the ‘ICAEW Daily’ email alerts; they are most likely to feature in the ‘News in brief section’.

If you don’t already receive ICAEW Daily you can sign up for it here. You don’t need to be an ICAEW member to register.

We will also continue to notify ICAEW IPs of regulatory updates by email including via our eNewsletter: Insolvency News. If you are not an ICAEW licensed IP but would still like to receive a copy of Insolvency News, you can do so by selecting insolvency here.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be archiving the Talk Insolvency ION site so that content will still be accessible if you wish to look at past articles.