Uploading insolvency statutory forms directly to Companies House

Dear IP 108 issued on 28 August advised IPs that from 1 September 2020, users would be able to upload all insolvency statutory forms directly to Companies House using the 'Upload a document to Companies House' service. The Dear IP explained how IPs should register for a Companies House Service (CHS) account and how to access the uploading service.

Companies House is aware that many users are having problems accessing the new service. Companies House and the Insolvency Service are working closely together to resolve these issues. If you are having problems accessing or registering for the service please contact Companies House via enquiries@companieshouse.gov.uk and they will try and resolve the issue so you can access the system.

Companies House has received requests for access for several team members to file documents on behalf of the IP. Companies House is unable to extend the service to include the email addresses of all those users that may file on an IP's behalf, but has advised that up to 10 users can access the service at any one time using the same email address. Therefore, once the IP's email is registered to access the service, multiple users from the same organisation can submit documents at the same time, providing they log in via the registered email address. 

Companies House will be decommissioning the current temporary email service on 11 September.