Disclaimers. New Rules Anomalies

I have recently disclaimed a lease for the first time under the new 2010 Rules and, as required by Rule 4.187, sent a copy, inter alia, to the Land Registry who returned it saying they are "rejecting the application as an application to register a disclaimer had not been made on a form AP1".

The fact that I have got their letter is evidence that I notified them as required by the Rules (which do not require me to register the disclaimer). I have spoken to the Assistant Land Registrar in the legal dept at Nottingham Land Registry where I sent the copy and she researched it from her end and said that there is no requirement to register a notice of disclaimer and they were simply complying with their Rules which require them to send it back!

She agreed that their letter was evidence that I had complied with the Insolvency Rules so should I care that they haven't done anything with it?

Similarly odd is that Rule 4.187 only requires the liquidator to "send a copy of the notice to the registrar of companies". It does not require it to be filed. So if you send it and forget to enclose also accompamying form F10.2 they wil send it back saying that they are unable to file it; but of course it doesn't need to be filed, only sent. So the letter from the registrar refusing to accept it is evidence of the liquidator's compliance with the regulations. It's a funny world we IPs inhabit!

Has anybody else come across, or have any thoughts on, these anomalies?