I am the liquidator of a company that used a Paypal account.  There is a balance in the Paypal account that should be available to the liquidation (having waited the requisite 6 month period). 

I have written to Paypal with copies of my appointment documents but I am having difficulty in getting Paypal to acknowledge me.  In phone calls with them they are not able to discuss the account with me as they do not have my details registered.  To complicate matters they have a policy of only sending emails and not wrtiting letters.  They will only send an email to the email address they have registered with them (being the company's former email account - which is no longer active).  They will only change the email address that is registered on the authorisation of the named account holder (being the former director who's powers ceased on the appointment of the liquidator). 

I have asked to speak with their liquidation team but apparently they don't accept phone calls.  The liquidation team is supposed to be phoning me back but never do.

Does anyone have a solution that has already worked to getting Paypal to engage with the liquidator in such a situation?

Thank you

Sandra Mundy
  • Dear Sandra
    I had a case where the business had traded on ebay and used a paypal account.
    Fortunately in that instance the director gave me the direct phone line of a contact there that was able to assist me.
    It seems in your next written correspondence you may need to state what further action you may take if they do not respond to your requests for the money and hope that initiates some contact.
    Good luck.