When are administrator's proposals deemed to have been approved?

In my administrator's proposals I have made a statement under paragraph 52(1) and therefore I have not called a creditors' meeting. 

I am seeking to establish the date on which the proposals are deemed to have been approved.  In Rule 2.33(5) I can see that the proposals are deemed to have been approved by the creditors if no creditors' meeting is requisitioned under paragraph 52(2) within the period set out in Rule 2.37(1).  This Rule states that a request for an initial creditors' meeting shall be made within 8 business days of the date on which the administrator's statement of proposals is sent out

My confusion comes from the wording 'sent out' - is this covered by CPR Part 6.14 'is deemed to be served on the second business day after completion of the relevant step under rule 7.5(1)' or does it actually mean the day on which it was 'sent out'? 

Guidance would be gratefully received.