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Over the past few years we have seen a further rise in ransomware attacks and other malware.  One of the key ways in which malware can infect in PC is via the use of macros. These are small extensions to applications which can provide additional functionality. Most people will have seen their use in Microsoft Excel and Word. However many applications support similar features.

The danger comes when macros run automatically when a document is opened. Maliciously crafted macros can silently download and install malware on a PC.

Ideally macros should be blocked until the user clicks the Enable Macros button.

It is worth spending a few minutes seeing how your Microsoft Applications are set up.

To find these settings select the following options in a Microsoft Office application (Word, Excel etc.)

In macOS:

From the Word menu->Preferences->Security & Privacy

Don’t use this setting!

In Windows:

File->Options->Trust Centre->Trust Centre Settings->Macro Settings

Don’t use this setting!

For more advice see this NCSC page.

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