Excel Community round-up - February 2018

Hello all!  We are experimenting with a new feature where we share and highlight all the goings-on in our sister community, the Excel Community, here for ITCounts.

As a reminder, if you are a member of the IT Faculty, you automatically have membership of the Excel Community - all you need to do is log in.  If you aren't an Excel Community member but are interested in becoming one, then you can read more here.

The Excel Tip of the Week

223 - VBA Case Study: Splitting a workbook by sheet (no login required)

How to create a macro that will save each tab of your workbook as its own file.

224 - Revisiting SUMPRODUCT

Revisiting the flexible and powerful SUMPRODUCT function, which can be used to speed up calculations, produce array formulas, and plenty more.

225 - Finding items that add to a target

How to use the Solver Add-In to identify which balances from a list make up a target total.

226 - Breaking links

How to break links to other workbooks - even those that seem unbreakable.

Modelling 101

Common modelling issues #5 - Dynamic range names

How to create and work with range names that shift as data is added.

Useful modelling functions #8 - SIGN and SUMPRODUCT

Taking the SUMPRODUCT formula further by using SIGN for relatively ease combining of conditions.


Power BI course available in March and April

The Filtered online courses have been expanded to include Power BI for a limited time.


It's an oft-repeated claim - but is it actually true?

Exploring charts and graphs #5 - Columns, bars, clustered, stacked, and 100%

John Tennent brings the latest chapter of his series on charts in Excel.

Power BI and dodgy chicken

Simon Hurst shows how to quickly create a map visualisation for restaurants' food hygiene ratings.

The essential spreadsheet skill that has nothing to do with spreadsheets (no login required)

Simon Hurst reflects on how some spreadsheet skills aren't really about spreadsheets - but are instead about databases.