excel tables and protected sheets

Over the past couple of years, the IT Faculty has tried to promote a particular suggestion on Microsoft’s Excel UserVoice forum. UserVoice allows users to vote on existing suggestions for enhancements to Microsoft applications and to propose their own ideas. Ideas that attract the most votes from UserVoice members are, apparently, most likely to be considered for action. We’ve had two goes at promoting a change to Excel Tables. About 18 months ago we asked you to vote for a particular idea on ExcelUserVoice. As wonderful as Excel Tables are, they have a very significant flaw: they don't work on a protected sheet. Even if you unlock every single cell on the sheet and allow all the options when you choose to protect the sheet, a Table on a protected sheet will not expand to include new rows or columns and therefore formulae and settings in Table columns will not be copied down to the new row.

Originally, there were three separate suggestions concerning correcting this bug. After an Excel Community intervention, a very helpful Microsoft manager amalgamated the three individual suggestion into one. This combined suggestion leapt to the top of the Tables improvements leader board. A position it still holds comfortably.

Unfortunately, in spite of this, and the fact that it has accumulated nearly three times as many votes as the next Tables contender, there seems little indication that is even under review, even though another suggestion with less than a third of the number of votes is.

If anyone has joined Excel UserVoice and has a vote or two left, or is happy to join up and vote, a flurry of additional votes might just draw the suggestion to the developers' attention and help make the world a better and safer place:


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