Excel Tip of the Week #149 - Shortcuts: Working with rows and columns

Hello all and welcome back to the Excel Tip of the Week!  This week, we have a Basic User post in which we cover some very quick and essential shortcuts for working with entire rows and columns in Excel.



There are two relevant shortcuts here:

  • Ctrl and Spacebar selects the entire current column (or just the Table column if in a table; press again to select the whole column)
  • Shift and Spacebar selects the entire current row (same note on functionality within an Excel Table)


Insertion and deletion

After selecting your row(s) / column(s), the shortcuts you need are:

  • Ctrl and + to insert a new row / column (if you highlight multiple rows / columns beforehand, that is how many new rows / columns will be created)
  • Ctrl and - to delete the selected row(s) / column(s)

And that's all you need to know!

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