Make it easy to get Wi-Fi and internet access please…

I have been out and about for the last few days on consultancy visits. I had taken a mobile phone, iPad and laptop with me, so I was able to tether the other devices to the 3g connection on the phone, so I did have internet access. However, it was very slow for the purpose I was trying to use it for.  

I had forgotten to pack the Surface Pro cable to plug into a VGA or HDMI socket so was unable to connect to the TV monitor in one office or screen in another office, so I needed to borrow a laptop. In one of the offices, someone already had a laptop plugged in and running, so I was able to use that, but in the other office, it was necessary for someone to go and hunt down a “pool” laptop, power it up, plug it in etc. which all takes time when all you want to do is give someone a very quick demo of some cloud based software.  

I had a similar experience elsewhere a few months ago, and it took 20 minutes to get it working, IT support had to be located and called in to assist.  

In both offices, there was guest Wi-Fi which was displayed on my iPad as an available option, but this was secured and needed a password to access it. However, this was not readily available and meant a trip to reception to ask for the Wi-Fi code. By then, my meeting was ready to start so by the time I was set up to access the internet, it was too late. 

At ICAEW in Moorgate, there is a guest Wi-Fi and there are leaflets on the tables with this month’s password on it. It does change on a regular basis and it is necessary to “forget” the settings on every visit and insert the new password. Easy when you know how, but not so easy the first time I was not able to connect and had to get ICAEW IT support in to help! 

Back to my office visits – one place did have some IT displays, but other meeting and conference rooms had no IT at allNone of the offices, even those with screens, had any means of immediately connecting to the web at the drop of a hat 

There are lots of ways at very little cost where devices could be made readily available for web access – a compute stick with wireless keyboard and mouse or a Chromebook are just two reasonably priced options.  

Is it just me….? I don’t really understand why Sky TV should be running on screens in reception. My dentist has the same. Generally, there is no sound on either.  

How easy do you make it for visitors to use internet?  

How internet friendly are your meeting rooms?