Member question - do you back up your cloud application data?

I would like to ask members a question.  

If you use a cloud based accounting application do you backup the data separately?  In other words regardless of what levels of service, reliability or resilience provided by the service do you backup the data yourself?


Please leave your answers below.

  • No...not possible to back up in our main accounting product (although some products do offer this facility). We have had to ask for a restore on a couple of occasions where a client had been "deleted" from our systems- company in liquidation, we checked with liquidators if it could be deleted and they said yes....then a few weeks later realised they had not extracted all the data they needed. The restore was fine.....and we had 48 hours access with no charge before access was removed again.

  • Thanks Kevin.  

    I am considering a piece on the need for "backups", "data replication" and "archives". Which are subtly different.