Technology seems to pass some by…..

Methodologies change (or should change!) as a result of new technologies. This does sometimes require engaging the brain and thinking about the actions that are taken. Many actions are completely unnecessary and in fact waste valuable time.

A few of my pet hates where old habits still die hard.

When away on holiday or other absence, emails may be copied to another staff member to monitor and action as necessary. Will those monitoring my inbox please do not forward emails to my email address – I will see the originals on my return – they will be sat in there still!

It is possible to print to physical printers in another office located 10 miles down the road. Occasionally something is sent to the wrong printer by mistake. If a document is found on the printer there is little point wasting time phoning around or emailing everyone to see who printed it and enquire as to whether they want it sent across to the other office the next day. The person printing it will have noticed this error, and, on realising it has gone to the wrong office, will, no doubt, print it again. If the person responsible for the printing is that desperate for it, they will ask for it to be sent across. Otherwise, just consign it to the recycling bin please!

In a similar vein, all incoming post is scanned and distributed via the document management system. Again, there is no point sending the original paperwork across to the other office! The recipient will have seen the electronic version already and probably already dealt with it by the time the original arrives.

Many payroll reports are uploaded to a secure portal and payslips either distributed via email or also uploaded to an employee portal. Why therefore do reports still get posted out? Is this a historic system, or does the client really want paper versions too? I asked a client recently about this and he opened his filing cabinet and showed me a stack of unopened envelopes we had sent him containing payroll reports. Needless to say, we stopped sending them!

Paper! Why print out items and place on a paper file when it is all in the document management system? What a waste of time and resources!

How many clients actually want paper documents such as tax returns and accounts? It may look “pretty” and “professional” but more than one client has asked – “Please don’t bind up the tax return….I ruin the pages trying to get the binding off to scan it”.

Why send attachments in an email to all staff when the forms are readily available to access in other software? Please just either send a link or tell them where to go to locate the relevant files!

And similarly, when seeking input or wanting comments on a document, why send as an attachment to the relevant parties and try to collate all the feedback afterwards? Please upload it to a shared area where everyone can see the comments and make annotations or changes.

Little niggles they may be….. but nonetheless annoying!

Any similar experiences?