BTMail Problem

A few days ago I discovered that whilst I was receiving POP3 mail in
Outlook 2013 that it was not sending:-
        * I had not changed setting
        * there were no error messages and account setup test worked fine
        * I was still able to send from web mail and iPhone
        * BTmail support was unable to solve the problem 
        * I switched off Norton and still had problem
        * I made a test sending Gmail from Outlook and it worked fine
        * I switched 25 and 100 ports to new BTmail ports 995 and 465 with no success
        * in case Outlook was the problem I repaired Office - still no joy

As Gmail send works of the opinion that problem is with BT but they say that as web mail works that it is not their problem.

Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution?
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