European Accounting Software

My company has established overseas subsidiaries (France, Italy, Poland) over the past few years. I need to try and find some accounting software that will be acceptable in each country.

We are a small company (150 people), so we can't afford SAP.

I would love to hear from anybody who can suggest some software that I should consider.

  • You have certainly chosen some of the most difficult countries in Europe for accounts software. Some countries like the UK are quite flexible, but I know Italy and Poland (spend a lot of time there) are particularly problematic.

    I have seen SUN systems from Systems Union used for accounting ledgers and have also heard that Navision would work in Poland. It may be the case that they would still need to export data for tax submissions to another application.

    What are you using currently and which modules do you want to use?

  • Hansa (who do an ERP and a small business system) are considered good for multi-currency and multi-language, and I've just looked on their website ( and see they have a couple of Polish case studies: go to 'Success stories' and select Poland from the country list.

    I believe Mamut ( would also be worth a look, although I haven't spotted any evidence that they have users in Poland.

  • Thanks for your responses. I'll check out these various suppliers.
  • We have developed an open source accounting system aimed at medium to large enterprises if you wish to view and assess our system for your company please visit our website or feel free to pm me for further details.
  • Agree those are tough markets - also agree that Paul is right to think about Hansa and SU but look at Sage - they have products for each of those markets. They won't be integrated but could prove cost effective given local reporting etc requirements.