Microsoft Office Accounting is no more!!

As of yesterday (October 30), Microsoft have effectively dumped their UK customers for this very good looking accounting package (and they seem to have done this in the US as well).


This seems to be a repeat of what Intuit did for personal finance software customers in the UK about seven? years ago. If the product does not make huge sums then drop it - never mind the poor customers who have been using it. They have apparently given over support to Mamut, but some of the opinions of this company that I have read on the Microsoft forums are not particularly edifying, I am afraid. I for one will probably now revert entirely to using Quick Books which now looks at long last to be about to release a new multi-currency version of its product into the UK.

  • We implemented Microsoft Accounting a few months ago. I selected the product as :

    1. 1. It was on the list of ICAEW accredited software
    2. 2. Multicurrency capability
    3. 3 Underlying SQL Express allows for links to access etc.
    4. 4 Trust in Microsoft to deliver and support a product that works.


    As fas as the Microsoft/Mamut partnership it will be once bitten twice shy.

    Any suggestions of software for a £10m T/O three user system with full multicurrency would be most gratefully received.






  • I personally use Quick Books. I believe that you can still purchase Quick Books 2006 which has multi-currency capability. Unfortunately, the current version QB2008 does not have multi-currency, but I believe that Intuit are about to release Quick Books 2010 into the UK market, which should include this feature. If their normal release schedule still applies, this will come to the UK sometime next spring.