SAGE Accounts Production Advanced price increases

Just received our annual SAPA renewal here saying we have been undercharged in the past. There is an increase from about £1500 to £2000 this year and to £2550 (plus any inflation increase on top) next year. Then they finish the email...I trust this is to your satisfaction!

We have been thinking of moving either tax or accounts so that we are using the same system for both, it looks like we will need to move the accounts from SAGE to our tax software supplier.

The biggest problem we will have is one Charity we do, which SAPA handles very well. I'm sure that won't be insummountable.

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  • SAGE have let me down badly. I have been a customer for a number of years and have been using SAGE ACCOUNTS PREP standard for book-keeping and accounts preparation. My last remaining audit client has now converted to the ICAEW's Assurance service that requires an Accountants' Assurance Report. This report is not included in their software package even though it was introduced by the ICAEW seven years ago! Their attitude has been blase about it with the excuse that it is not mandatory and they are only considering including it in their next update. When pressed they finally advised that the required report is included in their ACCOUNTS PREP ADVANCED package and asked if I wanted to upgrade.The cost of upgrading is phenomenal. A one off fee of £1,054 plus a year's support and upgrade fee of £544.50 plus training £850, all exclusive of VAT. The upgrade is a completely different sysatem! They did offer a discount but at £1,394.50 plus VAT still too expensive and one has to get to grips with a new system. VT offer a package which includes the Assurance Report for £199 with the next year support and upgrades at £150.    
    However, the biggest shock came when they disabled my accounts prep standard  package because I had not renewed my licence meaning I could no longer access any of my clients' past records. I have therefore had to renew for another year just to gain access to clients' past records and to finish existing work. This is not right and we should all kick up a big a fuss as possible to publishcise this appalling treatment of their customers. See below their quote for 25 clients


     Your Sap renewal is £439.50+vat

    Upgrade Fee to SAPA £105+vat

    Initial fee (one off) £1054+vat

    Onsite training Day £850+vat

     However after reviewing this I would be happy to remove the initial fee for you as a good will gesture




    Total £1394.50


    Trevor Rebello
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