Word 2007 Printing problem

I opened Document 1 in Word 2007 & saved it as Document 2, so I now had two identical documents. I edited some of the content of Document 2 by overtyping - I did not change the formatting or layout in any way.

If I try to print page 2 of Document 2, my HP laserjet tells me there is insufficient memory & prints all column 1, but only part of column 2, the rest being printed on a separate page. (The document is landscape with 2 columns per page). I can print Document 1 perfectly with no problems.

Can anyone suggest what the problem is? As I have only edited the words, Document 2 & Document 1 should be identical in terms of formatting. I  am using Windows XP.

  • Further to the above post I have just noticed that the document which prints OK was created under a previous version of Word, and is running in compatibility mode.

    The problem document has been converted to the latest Word document.

  • Hi Andrew

    Have you ruled out a problem with the printer drivers for the LaserJet by trying another printer (if you have one)? It would certainly be worth making sure you have the up-to-date printer drivers for your LaserJet as strange Word printing problems are often printer driver related. If you save the non-printing version as a 97-2003 document, does it then print properly?

  • Have now tried saving as a 97-2003 document & that works - so I won't have to spend hours re-creating it!

    So the problem is somehow related to the conversion to Word 2007, which my printer doesn't like..

    Thanks for the prompt response.