Advice on Electronic Document Management

Our organization is looking to move to Electronic Document Management that is compliant with HMRC and legal. Are there any experiences that you can share please?
  • For practical guidance see our publication "The Practical Guide to the Paperless Office" available at
  • I am not a salesman nor have I any vested interest other than to give you a good contact !

    We have had very good experiences with a company that specialise in document imaging solutions called Easy Software.

    After 20 years in the Finance Systems world, there are few software companies that I have dealt with who I would rate so highly. Costs have been reasonable and attempts to understand and deliver to our requirements has always been first class as has been support.

    We have used this supplier primarily to provide document imaging attached to a procurement and staff expenses system for a UK insurance company, but I am quite sure they would be able to deliver you a solution to your requirements.

    good luck, Richard Smith
  • Thanks for the feedback everyone.  Very helpful.

    We conducted a tender and 5 companies have presented, Ricoh, Invu, mStore, Easy and Document Logistix.  Will let you know the outcome.

    Richard, Easy wanted to know who referred them, okay to say?

  • Hi Andrew - no problem please use my details.
    Richard Smith, Equity Insurance.