IRIS Payemaster and SMP

Just to warn anyone reading this that Iris PAYE-Master seems to have a problem with calculating SMP if you change payroll dates.

I set up an employee on SMP last month, changed the date of running the payroll then this month it refused to calculate.

I have just spent a couple of hours first assuming that I had it wrong, then with their support people and it seems that this combination of actions 'breaks' SMP.  The way round it is to either do it manually (what's the point of having the programme then?) or to stick to the wrong processing date.  I have done the former in the hope that next tax year it will start working again.

According to the support person I spoke to (Kevin) they do not plan on correcting it in the next upgrade or warning not to do it (he seemed confused that I was trying to save other customers time rather than wanting compensation for me), so please don't waste time looking for a solution if you have broken it like I did!

For what it's worth, the frontline team was good at trying to help, it's just the product that can't handle the odd circumstances.