Practice Time, Fees and Financial programs

We are a medium sized general practice with currently 6 offices, one administration office  and up to 100 fee earners.We are looking at updating our time recording and billing program (and linking it directly to our financial system if that was beneficial)
Could anyone let ius know what is currently available in the market and what their experience of using it is.

  • We have used the CCH Practice Management software for over 10 years in various forms (was previously Viztopia Practice Management and has had several owners over the last decade).  We have over 100 fee earners using it.

    It works well for us - we record all our time against assignments and raise bills directly from it.  We also use their integrated Personal Tax software and are about to adopt their integrated Document Management system.

    In terms of multi-office we have set this up via Citrix connections, allowing all offices to run from one central database.  This setup also allows access from home and (if you are so inclined) ipads and similar.

    I would happily recommend it and suggest you have a look.