Purchase order system to interface with Sun accounts

Purchase Order System to interface with Sun accounts


1. Web browser based to allow remote access

2. ‘Friendly’ user interface

3.All processing to be elctronic

4. Workflow required

a. Purchase request initiated (by anyone within a department)

At this stage, in background, need to capture sufficient nominal ledger coding / analysis etc to allow invoice to be processed in Sun Accounts without any further ledger code inputs

The request should be capable of supporting document attachments, and web links

We may not necessarily have identified a supplier when the process is started, so need to be able to start the process – save – then return to the purchase request when we have further information.

Similarly we need to be able to enter price and volume information later

Expected date of supply of goods or services

b. Purchase request is sent electronically (e-mail) to the appropriate authoriser for authorisation

The initiator gets notified that the authoriser has read their request.

The authoriser can then take one of several actions – and the initiator needs to be automatically notified of any of the actions taken:

1. Request further information from the initiator

2. Decline to authorise

3. Authorise subject to any further authorisations that may be needed (in turn forward to the next authoriser)


c. Review against budget

Review committed spend to date against budget to see if headroom exists for requested spend

1. System should ‘block authorisation’ if spend exceeds budget, and require the authoriser to seek further authorisation.

The purchase order system should have at least a weekly download of invoiced spend from Sun Accounts + previously authorised spend from purchase order system = committed spend

d. Once Purchase request is fully authorised, the initiator can convert the purchase request into a Purchase Order

This process then generates a purchase order number

The initiator then sends the purchase order to the supplier

Once a purchase order is generated, the purchase order details are electronically transmitted to Sun Accounts (to be held on an open PO file).

e. Goods or services supplied

The initiator has the prime responsibility for ensuring that good and services were received as expected

This should be indicated electronically on the purchase order system

f. Purchase invoice received

Can be processed within Sun Accounts by a matching Purchase Order

Invoice sent electronically to initiator to confirm that goods/services received satisfactorily

g.      Purchase invoice authorised

Invoice forwarded to authoriser for authorisation

Record of authorisation notified electronically to Sun Accounts

h.Invoice status on Sun Accounts updated to “authorised”.

  • Gerald, suggest you speak to ICAEW member Phillip Hunter who I know has been working on a purchasing system alongside Sun recently. Contact details
  • Hi Gerald, 

    We have a product called Kypera Business that matches your requirements perfectly.  We currently have a large number of customers that utilise the system with SunSystems and we would welcome the opportunity to demo the software to you.  For more information please see our website www.kypera.com or contact me directly at nick.bartlett@kypera.com.  I look forward to hearing from you.   

    Nick Bartlett

  • I'm not a reseller but a purchaser.  We have been working with a reseller for some time who have such a product and are providing it to us.  I could happily make in introduction if you wish.
  • Hi, my company are Sun accounts users and have been using Proactis for procurement and staff expenses for the last 6 years. We have approx 1,500 users on the Proactis system and find that the two complement each other well.
    As an active member of both user communities, you will find that this combination is extremely common and has many users of all business sectors and sizes.
    I would suggest putting Proactis on your shortlist.
    For my organisation ( a UK insurance company), we gain maximum benefit by procuring both Proactis and Sun accounts from the same reseller who provides support for both systems. This is valuable when it comes to integration support and upgrades for either system.
    We choose Touchstone as reseller for both and have had good experiences.

    Good luck, Richard Smith